Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, we were able to install two more defibrillators in 2020 – outside Anthony Andrews Butchers and at Meadow Vale Carpets. We refurbished the old red phone box on Hazelwood Road and installed a defib in there in August 2021.

Chevin Golf Club have moved their defib from inside the clubhouse to the outside of the ProShop so that is now available to the public.

The RJ Weston Charity has installed a defib outside their building on Tamworth Street.

The King’s Head now has a defib outside.

There is one outside the Catholic Church on Hall Farm Road and one outside Croots Farm Shop, both in memory of Steve Croot.

Sadly, 2022 saw two of the accessible defibs in the village being stolen. Who could believe that anyone would do that!

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of premature death. A person’s chance of survival increases from 6% to 70% if treated with an AED and effective CPR within the first 5 minutes.

Many people who collapse with cardiac arrest can be saved if people nearby:

  1. Recognise what has happened and call 999 (or 112) for an emergency ambulance immediately – the telephone operator will tell you whether there is an AED
  2. Start and continue cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – especially chest compressions until the ambulance arrives.
  3. Use an AED to shock the heart back to its normal rhythm – You don’t need any training to use an AED in an emergency. Voice prompts tell you what to do.

You can find more info and training videos HERE

We now have a lot more information about the location and availability of Defibrillators in Duffield.

Some are available for public use, 24/7, and others are on private property primarily for use on the premises when open.

Publicly Accessible AEDs (available for public use, 24/7)

Use What3words, website to locate them (the ambulance service does)

  1. Co Op:
  2. Meadow Vale Carpets (DCC funded, DCA maintained) :
  3. Anthony Andrews Butchers (DCA maintained)   :
  4. Duffield Fire Station  :
  5. Eyes Meadow – changing rooms (Parish Council)   :
  6. Chevin Golf Club – on the outside of the Pro Shop  :
  7. Outside the Weston Centre (RJ Weston Charity)  :
  8. Ecclesbourne Meadows (DCA maintained)  :
  9. Hazelwood Rd, in the old red telephone box near the cemetery (DCA maintained) :
  10. Catholic Church, Hall Farm Road (DCA maintained) – thanks to the Croot Family :
  11. King’s Head pub, Town St  :
  12. Possible future location – New Zealand Lane shops – in planning
  13. Croot’s Farm Shop, Wirksworth Rd  :

Restricted Access AEDs (on private property primarily for use on the premises when open)

  • Duffield Meadows Primary School
  • Ecclesbourne School – Sports Hall
  • Appletree Medical Practice
  • Marshalls Dentist
  • William Gilbert Primary School
  • Duffield Squash & Tennis Club
  • Chevin Golf Club – Green Keepers Hut
  • Ecclesbourne School
  • Ecclesbourne Valley Railway Stations (both Duffield and Wirksworth and on the train)
  • Busy Bees Nursery, King St (available during nursery opening hours 7.30-6pm)

The map below shows where the defibrillators (AEDs) are located.

Download the latest map here: Duffield Defibs Map – update May2022



We currently have no funding for the final defibrillator required to complete coverage of the village and at the moment cannot plan to hold a fundraising event, so we are seeking donations from village residents.

If you would like to donate, please go to our GoFundMe page 

This one is not funded:

Proposed location: New Zealand Lane shops: This is in the early stages of planning and we have no funding for this one yet.