FLOODS – Help & Info

DCA supporting Duffield Village

The DCA (DUFFIELD COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION) is creating a Flood Fund in order to give small hardship grants to support people living in Duffield who have been adversely affected by the floods on Friday Oct 20th.

The Flood Fund will be financed from: the profits from the DCA FIREWORKS on 3rd Nov 2023, some income from Carnival 2023, plus donations to the DCA Flood Fund.

You can also make a donation to the FLOOD FUND here, via GoCardless:
£10    £20     £50     £100     £250     £500

The grants are intended as a contribution towards some of the uninsured losses faced by those affected.

Grant application forms are available by clicking HERE. Paper copies will also be available from Duffield News, or you can download a copy here: DCA FLOOD HARDSHIP GRANT APPLICATION FORM

The deadline for grant applications is Friday 15th December.

If you would like to apply for a grant or need assistance you can register an interest by emailing: flood@duffieldvillage.co.uk and we will email the application form to you.

In the meantime:

The DCA may also be able to help or facilitate physical tasks needed to rectify flood damage. The DCA has access to a bank of volunteers. If you think we might be able to help, please email: flood@duffieldvillage.co.uk

If you have any questions, please contact us: flood@duffieldvillage.co.uk

SIGN UP FOR FLOOD WARNINGS: https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings

What to do in a flood

Understanding Flood Warnings: There are three levels of warning, these are, in rising severity:

Flood Alert – Prepare – means that flooding is possible and to be prepared.

  • prepare a bag that includes medicines and insurance documents
  • check flood warnings

Flood Warning – Act – means flooding is expected, and immediate action is required.

  • turn off gas, water and electricity
  • move things upstairs or to safety
  • move family, pets and car to safety

Severe Flood Warning – Survive – means severe flood and danger to life.

  • call 999 if in immediate danger
  • follow advice from emergency services
  • keep yourself and your family safe


River Ecclesbourne level at Duffeld (Height in metres over the last 5 days, but no forecast):  https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/2124

  • Normal range 0.14m to 0.90m: Normal range 
  • 1.30m: Low lying land flooding is possible above this level. One or more flood alerts may be issued.
  • 1.80m: Property flooding is possible above this level. One or more flood warnings may be issued
  • 2.15m: Water reaches the highest level recorded at this measuring station (recorded on 20 October 2023)

River level Derwent at Matlock (Height in metres over the last 5 days and up to 36 hour forecast): https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/2103

  • Normal range 0.29m to 2.50m: Normal range 
  • 2.50m: Low lying land flooding is possible above this level. One or more flood alerts may be issued
  • 2.90m: Property flooding is possible above this level. One or more flood warnings may be issued
  • 5.18m: Water reaches the highest level recorded at this measuring station (recorded on 10 December 1965)


DUFFIELD FLOOD WARDEN: Duffield Parish Council has appointed a new Volunteer Flood Warden, Andrew Clements. Andrew lives in the village and has extensive knowledge of flooding issues from his 25+ years experience working as a Consulting Engineer in the water industry. Please forward a copy of any information (including details of the exact times and location of the flooding, as outlined above) to Andrew. Contact him here: floodwarden@duffieldparishcouncil.gov.uk

Duffield Parish Council will be putting together a Flood Plan for the village which will be available on the DPC website.

DERBYSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL, is our lead local flood authority and co-ordinate the multi-agency response – flood recovery, evacuation, and shelter. 

Tel: 01629 532804, Email: FLOOD.TEAM@DERBYSHIRE.GOV.UK 

Social Care out of hours Tel: 01629 532600 

Emergency planning team Tel: 01629 538364, Email: emergency.planning@derbyshire.gov.uk 

Identifying flood risk from ordinary water courses (ie. Water courses not identified as a main river)


An ordinary watercourse can usually be identified as any channel which carries water at any time (including brooks, streams, ditches, drains, cuts, dykes and sluices) that isn’t on the list of defined main rivers.

A channel is still defined as a watercourse even if it does not flow all year, or if it only flows during storm conditions.


If you have any concerns or would like to raise a flooding issue about an ordinary watercourse near to your property, please contact:

for advice or help to find a solution to the flooding problems you may be facing.

Gas Leaks – Tel: 0800 111999 

Severn Trent Water – Tel: 0800 783 4444



Duffield Parish Council update report – JS Jan 24



Storm Babet community drop-in events

The Environment Agency in partnership with Derbyshire County Council are arranging a series of public drop in events for communities affected by flooding.

The events will be an opportunity for residents and businesses affected by flooding to discuss their concerns and seek advice. There will be an opportunity to find out about the grants and support available for property flood resilience (PFR) measures, learn about the Environment Agency’s flood warning system, and talk about your experiences with flooding.

There will also be the opportunity for you to ask questions and learn about work being undertaken by the Environment Agency and Derbyshire County Council to help reduce the impact of flooding in their area.

Due to the number of communities impacted by Storm Babet they are unable to run events in each individual community affected and have needed to group communities together and target those that have been impacted the most. Each event will be open to anyone from the surrounding area who would like to attend.

  • Monday 15 January, 2pm to 7pm, Room 107, Strutts Centre, Derby Road, Belper, DE56 1UU. For communities in Ambergate, Belper, Duffield, Denby, Lower Kilburn, Little Eaton and surrounding areas.

A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Ian Bustin wrote this some time ago but it may be of help to those affected. It describes his experience of being flooded in 2019 and offers a few useful tips:   THE FLOOD BLOG – our own experience

Useful links:

Flood recovery framework: guidance for local authorities in England: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/flood-recovery-framework-guidance-for-local-authorities-in-england/flood-recovery-framework-guidance-for-local-authorities-in-england#annex-a-summary-of-core-schemes

Government announces (25/10/23) support for flood hit areas:  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-support-for-flood-hit-areas?fbclid=IwAR0Gx299KIgU-eIebfZ4eUwfm9PFOoZ6_9X-QN-TMbIFTl8xHvjTqCUl-IA

There is a lot of help available on Amber Valley Borough Council’s website .

Councillors Alison McDermott, Eva Long and Jez Kinsella are working hard on this issue to help improve the village’s flood resilience. Please feel free to contact them.

Amber Valley Storm Babet response: https://www.ambervalley.gov.uk/council/emergencies/flooding/storm-babet/

Anyone affected by the floods is  encouraged to come along to a meeting at 7:15pm on Monday 27 November at the Weston Centre, Tamworth Street where information will be shared and ideas exchanged on how to make your home more flood resilient.

Councillor Alison McDermott will explain how to sign up for flood alerts and river level information and how to understand what this means for your property. 

Contact the Weston Centre for details of further meetings.

Please register on this form if your property has been flooded and has been ‘uninhabitable’. If your ground floor was flooded then it is uninhabitable!

Amber Valley Borough Council Flooded Property Information Form

This will give you access to funding available from Amber Valley BC, including a £500 non means-tested emergency grant and up to £5000 for flood resilience measures (requires building surveyor input) – the time frame for  this grant is currently not known. 

14/11/2023 UPDATE:  Residential properties affected by the Storm Babet flooding have started to receive the £500 Community Recovery Grant.

Once you have completed the online assessment form (Flooded Property Information Form) or called AVBC to inform them of the flooding between 19 and 25 October, your details will be verified, and they will text you to confirm when the payment is being sent. They are currently working through all applications.

A gentle reminder for those who haven’t yet done so – if the recent flooding has impacted your home or business, please complete our online assessment form. Your information will allow AVBC to contact you and advise you on how they can help as further support and schemes become available.

AVBC is still awaiting further details on the Business Recovery Grant from the Government, in the meantime businesses are asked to register  on the below link so they can inform you of the next steps as soon as possible.

AVBC realise that the money the government is making available is urgently needed by those who have been flooded and once they have the details they will work as quickly as possible to get it to those who need it.

The information provided by you on this form will be shared and used by the Local Authority, Police, Severn Trent, Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards and other appropriate agencies to assist in assessing the impact of the flooding incident, planning future flood management and assessing the recovery needs of the community.

The Environment Agency’s Flood Resilience Team for the East Midlands is looking at how the village flooded and needs accurate information to do this. The flood team is asking for any photographs and accounts of what you saw. This needs to include times and precise locations – please look up the time photos were taken in your phone’s ‘settings’ and include this in their title. Send your information to George.Skinner@environment-agency.gov.uk

SANDBAGS: James Forester at Amber Valley offices, Ripley – people who need them should contact AVBC (01773 841308) & collect them from Ripley Town Hall (DE53BT). They can be given up to 10 unfilled bags & will need to use their own sand – from a builders’ merchant or similar. (Thanks to David Walton for this information)

If anyone doesn’t have use for their sand bags anymore please drop them off at 16A, Town street, Duffield, where Amelia will store them for when the next flood happens!

Recovering after a flood:  https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/recovering-after-a-flood

Flood Assist (flood insurance specialist)

National Flood Forum: https://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/

Weather Apps

Website for road closures: https://one.network/


DUFFIELD FLOODS on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@DuffieldFloods. Please post your photos and videos of this and historical flood on this Youtube site. This information will be used to inform the Environment Agency, to help with flood resilience planning for the village

A few photos….