DCA Projects – Wirksworth Road Corner

Summer 2019 saw the completion of significant restoration work to the Wirksworth Road Corner. This transformation, carried out by the Duffield Community Association, will ensure that the area will continue to provide a place for residents and visitors to rest and contemplate for years to come.

The work has seen new railings around the border to the back of the area, barley twist railings to the main raised flower bed and a complete refurbishment of the seating. Over the coming weeks, new plants will be added to the garden area to add additional, year round colour.

The DCA will now proceed with a major rework of the Chapel Street Corner. This will include a village information board, as well as new raised flowerbeds. It is hoped that this work will be completed within the next year, but is reliant on some initial work by the highways department to secure the river wall, before work can start.