DCA Projects – Duffield Sunflowers – spreading some sunshine……

Join us in planting sunflowers around the village, to provide some joy later in the summer when, hopefully, life will be a little more back to normal
So, if you can get hold of some seeds plant in 3” pots (garden soil should be ok if you haven’t got compost) for planting out in the garden at the end of May/early June, when the danger of frost has gone. Alternatively, plant seeds directly into the ground from mid May.





Let’s plant sunflowers in our front gardens
….and the Duffield Community Association will be growing extra plants to brighten up our public spaces….




Here are some of the results from 2020……

July 2020 **NEWS FLASH** They’re out

And have you spotted the ones on the A6, by the lamp posts?



Wirksworth Road Corner sunflowers planted in the garden area behind the fence







Chapel Street Corner  – you can just see them behind the railings






– have you spotted them around the lamp posts along the A6?







They may be small now, but lets watch their progress over the next few weeks and months and hopefully we will have a wonderful display in August/September